Free antiviruses provide insufficient basic protection. As soon as you install one, it offers you to buy the premium version to get real protection. But it may not be the best you can get for your money, or it may not be good at all. Don't let them trick you into buying their product.

Every single day hackers around the world find new ways to steal your photos, passwords, money and work. To keep yourself safe you have to be sure to have the very best security experts on your side. Because they will be the quickest to find a way of detecting and eliminating the threat, before it finds its way to you. You should not be too cheap at this, because you know that great experts don't work for free.

We have tested all antiviruses available on the market to find out which ones are the very best. Each antivirus went through a benchmark of 12 different tests and got ranked by the average sum of its results. The results show that each one of the 4 best antiviruses has a certain advantage over the others. Decide for yourself which one suits you best.